How to Achieve Radiant Skin

If there’s one beauty trait we all want to possess, it’s radiant skin. We’re talking that
lit-from-within glow that celebs and supermodels always seem to have, a glow that
makes it look like their face has been kissed by the sun permanent hair removal. But what exactly is the
secret to glowing skin? It’s not as simple as getting poreless, wrinkle-free skin, but it
is easier to achieve than you might think. We’ve scoured the depths of the skincare
industry and sifted through decades worth of experience from skincare savants from
across the globe to find the failsafe measures that work to get that glow you desire.

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Having healthy and glowing skin is important for many reasons, including the
appearance of youthfulness, health and happiness. However, factors like lack of
sleep, stress, age, a poor diet, smoking, and other environmental and lifestyle
causes can rob your complexion of its natural glow. Luckily, it’s easy to reclaim that
glow with some simple tweaks to your daily routine.
Start by avoiding harsh cleansers. “Harsh products strip the skin of its natural oils,
leaving it dry and sensitive,” says Dr. Gohara. Instead, opt for a gentle cleanser in
the morning and at night and follow up with a light moisturizer to keep your skin
Next, get those eight to nine hours of shuteye. “Getting enough rest helps your body
repair and regenerate, promoting radiant skin,” says Rabor. “Avoid caffeine and
sugary drinks, as these can disrupt the sleep cycle.”
Finally, eat a balanced diet rich in antioxidants and vitamins to help nourish your
skin. “Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables can help to even out your skin tone
and promote a glow,” says Rabor. She also recommends drinking plenty of water to
hydrate the skin and increase blood flow, which is key for a radiant complexion.

Skin Care: Tips for Achieving Healthy, Glowing Skin
After you’ve got your skin in check, add a glow-boosting serum to your routine. “A
serum with a high percentage of vitamin C can reduce blemishes, brighten
discoloration and give your skin an out-of-this-world glow,” says Rabor. You can
apply it as a moisturizer before makeup or dab a few drops on the high points of the
cheekbones for an everyday no-makeup glow.
Radiant skin is a universal desire, but it can be difficult to achieve, especially with
everyday life putting a damper on your glow. Hopefully, with these expert skin and
makeup tips, home remedies, and best skincare product picks from the Good
Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab, you can achieve that glow you’ve been
dreaming of. Just remember to be patient — a healthy and glowing complexion
takes time.

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